A Shoe-full of Success: Celebrating the Pantomime at Rye Dance Centre

This past weekend, the Rye Dance Centre transformed the Rye Community Centre with its 2023 pantomime, “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.” This charming production brought laughter, applause, and cheer, marking a significant highlight in our annual events calendar.

The stage lit up with the incredible talent of our youngest performers from the infants and juniors sections, supported by a few adult cast members and our talented senior dancers. The blend of ages showcased the diverse talent within our dance school.

As we close the curtains on this year’s pantomime we are already buzzing with ideas for next year’s show and cannot wait to bring another round of entertainment to our community.

Thanks to everyone who attended, supported, and participated in the pantomime. Your enthusiasm makes all the effort worthwhile. Stay tuned for more updates and events from Rye Dance Centre.

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