2018 Panto Watch With Mother 

Our panto this year is set in the land of Little Nooks, so settle down audience while I open my little books….
Our panto theme is Watch With Mother, not forgetting Dad, Lil Sis and oh Big Brother.
A magical script will gradually unfold of a hapless lad you will be told.
And his dopey sister Miss Droopy Lou, and Jill and Jen, well they make two.
Their speckled sister name of Little Wee, well no one ever invites her to afternoon tea.
They all go to school run by some posh bird, with a French name of which is quite absurd.
The other pupils are just a mixture of wet fish, and that’s on the menu of the cook’s lunchtime dish.
With a huffing and a puffing, thats the Mule, it’s always the adults that break the rules.
As an evil witch tries to do her worst and her sister the best and Sofia the 1st.
It is time for RDC to present the show, with a clapping and a shouting and an off we go.
See you later for a peep, if you’re not already half asleep.
Tatty bye, arrivederci and cheerio!

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